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At Your Service Pet Grooming and Care

Are your pets not getting the exercise they need? Or do they simply crave the attention of some other furry friends?

AT YOUR SERVICE PET GROOMING & CARE has the package for you!

We can offer you a once off 30 minute walk or a more involved weekly walk pack. If your furry friend loves to socialise we can even arrange a 'pack walk' which proves a big hit with our best pals! They get their much needed exercise as well as the chance to socialise with other friends which is just as important for their overall well-being. Just like with us our pets love to get out and about with friends for a play, what better way to do this then by going for a group walk around the neighbourhood!

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* Prices start at $25 per half hour (for up to two (2) pets)

* Additional pets are charged at a rate of $5 per extra pet

* Buy a 10 pack and get the 11th walk free! $250 (price is for up to two (2) pets only, additional pets are charged at a rate of $5 per walk per pet)

* Castle Hill or Beach walk - $40-$60 depending on your location

Please note that we can only walk a maximum of three medium/large or 4 small dogs walked at any one time. No walks are conducted on Sundays or Public Holidays.

Dogs must be leash trained. Dogs that pull excessively or require some basic leash training will be walked alone and an extra fee may apply depending on the extra work required. We prefer to use “Halties” an anti-pull device; please let us know if this is not suitable for you. If dogs need any obedience training or have behavioural problems that need to be worked out then there will be an extra cost of $5 - $10 per half hour bracket, depending on the dog.


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