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Pet Sitting Checklist



  • Cat Food – Ensure you leave out more than required in case of a delay in your return. Ensure it is in an airtight container that your furry pal cannot get in to.
  • Cat Litter – Please leave out an extra bag of litter in case of any accidents.
  • Litter Scoop – Please ensure you have a litter scoop in a visible area.
  • Litter Bags – Or plastic bags left out in a visible area for us to dispose of waste.
  • Dust Pan and Broom – So we can clean up any spilled litter.
  • Hand Soap and Towel – So we can wash our hands after cleaning out litter tray.


  • Dry Dog Food – Ensure you leave out more than required in case of a delay in your return. Ensure it is in an airtight/weather proof container that your furry pal cannot get in to.
  • Wet Dog Food – If your dog eats wet food please ensure we have access to a fridge if the entire tin is not to be consumed in one go. Also if feeding fresh meat we do not have the means to store it for you and access to a fridge must be provided.
  • Can Opener or Spoon – if feeding wet food to your dog, we don’t want to use our hands!
  • Access to Water – If water bowl is not kept with direct access to a tap, please provide a hose so that we may fill the water bowl with ease. OH&S requires that we do not carry heavy buckets over any great distances.
  • Waste Collection – If you have chosen waste collection please provide plastic bags for us to dispose of waste hygienically.


  • Vaccinations – Please ensure your pet is vaccinated and provide proof. Our staff members come into contact with a great number of pets on a daily basis and it is very important that your pet is vaccinated so that no accidental transmission of illness occurs. AYSPG reserves the right to refuse your pet if they are not vaccinated.
  • Flea/Tick and Worming – Please ensure your pet is up to date with their Flea/Tick and Worming medication. If they are due whilst you are away then AYSPG can provide (at a charge) this medication for you, or you can leave out your own medication with instructions and we will be happy to apply it to your pet(s) at no extra charge.
  • Other Medications – Does your pet require any other medications? Please inform AYSPG before leaving if they are required to apply any other medications to your pet(s)


  • Has final pet sitting payment been made prior to your departure?
  • Have you informed AYSPG what day your bins go out (day before they are collected)
  • Have you informed AYSPG where you would like any mail or parcels to be placed. If not the default will be kitchen table/bench or inside the BBQ if only outside access is available

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