Behavioural ‘Dog’ Training

Our private one on one training lessons offer solutions to behavioural problems.

Whilst we offer the basic (sit, stay, etc) our lessons take a holistic approach not only encompassing basic obedience, but also your home environment, family, lifestyle, behavioural issues and any bad habits. Furthermore as all dogs and owners are unique we work with you to ensure the lessons are tailored to your needs and lifestyle. We work with you at your home, and in your local area as this helps your dog be more comfortable, also ensuring that all family members are able to join in and learn the methods to ensure consistency. Generally these consultations are designed to address behavioural issues, where we work with you to identify the reason behind the unwanted behaviour and how to manage it effectively for long term positive outcomes.
These may include :

  • Dog aggression and dominance
  • Excessive barking
  • Jumping up at people (lack of respect)
  • Pulling on the lead
  • Mouthing and nipping
  • Anxiety, lack of confidence, timidity or fearfulness
  • Attention seeking
  • Destructive behaviour (e.g. digging)
  • Not listening to owner

We work on these issues by helping the owners understand why the dog is behaving in such a manner and how to stop it.
We often help clients that have previously participated in group training but find that our methods offer faster and greater results, as your tailored training is focused on just you and your dog for the whole lesson.

Your lesson can be arranged at a time and place to suit you, and you can pay as you go, although a discount is applied to any payments made of 10 lessons or more at a time.

The First Lesson

This lesson runs for approximately an hour and during this time you will learn :

  • The History of the dog
  • How your dog thinks
  • How dogs like to be treated
  • Specifics of your particular breed
  • What we should never do around our dogs and why
  • What is the right equipment for your dog
  • Particular problems you are facing

We then also complete three basic leash manners :

  • Leaving the house in a relaxed manner
  • Start walking without pulling on the lead
  • Stopping the dog from rushing through open doors when leaving for a walk

Ongoing lessons

The subsequent lessons will run for approximately half an hour each, and should flow from one lesson to the next. It is expected that you will practise in between lessons. The goals of our lessons differ to suit different needs, but often see you walking your dog on a loose lead, your dog sitting or laying down on command, calmly walk along beside your newborns pram, or playing nicely with other dog.

Thinking of getting a new dog to add to your family?

Here are the top ten things you should ask yourself before you make your decision:-

  1. Are you looking for a dog for protection or just to be your friend?
  2. Do you want a dog that is easily trained or that’s not your thing?
  3. Do you have other pets?
  4. Do you want a dog that will never want to leave your side, or would you prefer a dog that likes his own company?
  5. How often will you be able to play with your dog?
  6. How much time can you spend exercising your dog?
  7. Would you like a dog that is energetic or the kind of dog that is really happy doing nothing at all?
  8. What size dog would you like?
  9. Do you have much time for brushing/maintaining your dog?
  10. How hot/cold is it where you live?

Still confused?

Why don’t you give us a call or email your answers and we'll help cut through the confusion.


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